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Thank you for your interest in joining The Business Council!
There are a variety of membership options.

To become a member of TBC, you must be a member of the MMAC. To learn more, visit or call 414-287-4100

Joint Membership – Best value!
If you select joint membership you become a member of both the MMAC and TBC and receive the benefits and privileges of both organizations for a cost of one membership fee.

TBC membership dues may be deductible for federal income tax purposes as an ordinary and necessary business expense (not as a charitable contribution). However, members should contact their own tax advisers for specific tax information and advice.

 Admission of members

Prospective members are required to pay MMAC/ TBC membership dues in full at the time of their application. Membership dues cover one year of membership and are renewable each calendar year. Dues, which are subject to change, are payable in advance and are continuous until cancelled in writing in advance of the due date.


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