The Business Council

Who Are We?

We are a 501c3 affiliate of Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce (MMAC). Developed specifically to focus on cultivating relationships and business opportunities among MMAC’s ethnically-diverse businesses and corporate members in an effort to support MMAC’s Blueprint for Economic Prosperity.

Who Do We Serve:

Our target audience is ethnically-diverse businesses, as well as public and private sector business entities throughout the State of Wisconsin.

Services offered:

  • Business Development
  • Advocacy
  • Matchmaking
  • Networking
  • Resources for Sustainability or Growth

What Sets TBC Apart?

  • We are not a charity, chamber, or regional council, we are a membership association.
  • We leverage our relationship with the MMAC by cultivating business opportunities for ethnically-diverse businesses to enhance economic growth in diverse communities across Wisconsin. This ultimately leads to increased revenue generation, larger workforce, and increased education that not only strengthen the City of Milwaukee but surrounding communities throughout Wisconsin.
  • All resources are dedicated to expanding and developing our Business Connection Program…never to fund overall operations.
  • Our Business Connection programming is conducted throughout the year, not just at conferences, symposiums or tradeshows. Thus, there are no huge out-of- pocket expense for the participants.